IT ALL STARTED ONE SUMMER when I (Ellen) worked in North Pole, Alaska (yes, that’s a real place!) between my junior and senior years in college. I was constantly amazed at the vastness and beauty of the landscape and the uniqueness of life in that part of the world. I believe in a Master Artist who created everything, and I found myself wondering where this Creator came up with His ideas. We as artists copy and take inspiration from things we see around us or what others have created before us. We change it to make it our own, but could we ever come up with something totally and completely original? I wasn’t so sure, so I started a quest to develop art that wasn’t taken from anything I saw. I experimented a lot and created some really unusual art, including some that was pretty funky. But through it all, I came to the conclusion that as an artist I couldn’t come up with anything truly original. All art is derivative in some way from something that the First Artist thought up.

In this quest I began to envision myself and all humankind as “mini creators,” made in the image of the Master Creator, starting our work on the 8th day, symbolically one day after the Master Artist finished His work and rested. We are to continue the creative work of the Master Artist, on the 8th day and beyond. Thus the name, Eighth Day Creations, was born.


Alaskan Harbor