VINCE MORRIS grew up on a midwestern farm with four younger siblings and his parents.

After college Vince worked for a publishing house as a copyeditor. In his work he read all sorts of interesting books. Not all of them were to his liking (such as women’s romance and pregnancy manuals), but he learned valuable skills from this job. He then went on to become a youth pastor for a group of wonderful students, taking them on camping, missions and adventure trips, and trying to help them understand who God is. His teacher side loved this; his adventurous side, too. Ellen often joined the fun.

In more recent years, Vince accepted the challenge of managing risk for a large college nearby. His task was to help keep people safe while saving the college money. His wife thought it would be boring, but in fact it was quite interesting. We can’t talk too much about some of the “interesting” parts! But we can tell you that, along the way, he picked up a CPA, an MA in Theology and an MBA, and a second undergraduate degree—a BS in Geology.

When Vince was not assisting with Eighth Day Creations projects, he served as a consultant, writer, and teacher, travelling the country and sometimes the world. Now he is back to helping a college with finances. Ellen thinks he is pretty good at those things, but of course she is biased! But when he is working on Eighth Day stuff he provides creative writing and editing services, solid business advice, valued tax consulting services, contract reviews, and help with new project ideas.

Just for fun, Vince writes some seriously good poetry that Ellen hopes he publishes someday, along with a novel or two.