ELLEN RISING MORRIS (that’s me) grew up in a busy household of nine in a suburb of Cleveland on Lake Erie.

With dreams of being an artist one day, I went off to college and earned a BA in Fine Arts and Psychology. After graduation, I worked for several display companies in the Chicago area, helping to produce custom products, animated/mechanized characters, and seasonal decor for movie sets, shopping malls, corporate centers, and showrooms across the country. These jobs were incredibly fun to work on! I especially enjoyed installing our Christmas display pieces and products in “Duncan’s Toy Store” on the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York movie set for Universal Studios.

Some of my unusual artistic responsibilities included painting large blank white blocks to look like real wooden toy blocks, sculpting oversized teapots and teacups, and designing and decorating 10-foot wreaths with real musical instruments. I was even in charge of setting up a Christmas display at a midwest mall on such a tight deadline that I slept a few hours in Santa’s house with bubble-pack as my bedding!

Since those days, I have worked as a graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator for an in-house college marketing department, until I started my own full-time creative business in 2006. I enjoy doing graphic design and illustrative work for a long list of clients, along with a passion and focus on art for licensing.

I love working on the drawing board and creating things by hand, but I also love capturing the details of life with a camera, creating illustrations and fine art on the computer, and combining some of these techniques to define my own unique look.

I have a fascination for God’s creation. Its intricacies, beauty, originality, and vastness continually amaze me, and I enjoy reflecting aspects of it in my work in themes promoting peace, hope, joy, love, and laughter.