In the Beginning...

IT ALL STARTED with a little girl, Ellen (that’s me!), who loved to draw, and paint, and make all kinds of things with whatever materials were on hand. She could often be found tucked away in her bedroom, far from the noise of a busy household (full of four brothers and two sisters), daydreaming of make-believe worlds and trying to capture them on paper. She liked to find objects in her house and draw them, working hard until she got the shapes and colors just right. In her second-grade class, Ellen drew a picture of a bluebird that impressed her teacher so much she sent a note home for Ellen’s parents, encouraging them to enroll Ellen in art classes. 

That little girl dreamed of growing up to be an artist one day, having her own studio and creating beautiful things. But alas, that was not to be for quite some time, as she had to go learn important things and then get jobs that would help teach her how to be a really good artist (and enable her to repay loans for all that important learning she did). 

After a while this little girl wasn’t so little anymore. She met a boy she thought was pretty cool and, since he thought she was pretty cool in return, they got married. And finally the Artist got her own studio, and spent more time being creative, as she had dreamed. 

That boy (his name is Vince) loved words and knew how to craft them in such a way that people would sometimes say, “Ah!” when they heard them. With his business and accounting background, he was also a whiz at strategizing. He likes to come up with fun ideas for future projects for both of them: children’s books, or greeting cards for Ellen to illustrate, or catchy and appropriate titles for art. With his gifts engaged alongside Ellen’s, the two of them make a perfect pair. 

Together, with their unique and complementary talents, they formed Eighth Day Creations. (But mostly it is Ellen’s gig, with Vince helping when needed.) 


Peony Petals (close-up)